Alert Stamping 7000WR Pro-Reel Cord Carrier, Grey

8 customer reviews
SKU: B0000C6E3P


Brand Alert
Material Plastic
Color Grey
Item Dimensions LxWxH 13.25 x 10.25 x 12 inches
Style Heavy Duty

  • Alert Stamping Pro-Reel Cord Carrier works with cables, air hose, dock lines, and water-ski ropes
  • Stores up to 125 feet of 14/3 cord and 150 feet of 16/3 cord
  • Contractor grade, rugged construction for jobsite hardiness
  • Mount to walls or transports easily

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Product Description

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Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎13.25 x 10.25 x 12 inches


‎Heavy Duty

Installation Type

‎Wall Mount

Operation Mode


Part Number


Item Weight

‎2.7 Pounds

Product Dimensions ‏

‎13.25 x 10.25 x 12 inches

Item model number ‏


Power Source

‎Hand Powered

Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces



‎certified frustration-free

Included Components

‎Pro-Reel Cord Carrier

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Warranty Description

‎Limited Lifetime

Date First Available ‏

August 18, 2003

Manufacturer ‏


8 reviews for Alert Stamping 7000WR Pro-Reel Cord Carrier, Grey

  1. MephiboJeff

    Short answer: good value for the cost. Great value with some added mods.Now for the real reason I’m leaving this review – I wanted to show appreciation to the other reviewers that pointed out short comings with this reel and offer my version of the mods I made to fix some of the issues. Paying it forward…Issue #1 – the crank handle inadvertently folds away while cranking and can pinch your skin. Solution – I cut a ¾” I.D. PVC pipe about 4-⅛” long and pushed it into the handle slot. With a bit of force, it snaps in perfectly like it was meant to be there. So perfect, in fact, that I’m not even going to add glue or screws to keep it in because it’s not going anywhere. The handle feels rock solid now.Issue #2 – The crank handle travels close to the ground (or the wall if mounted) and it’s easy to scrape your knuckles. Solution – I cut 2 sheets of ½” OSB to 10-½” by 11-⅞”, stacked them, then fastened 10 screws with washers from the bottom face of the reel through the 2 layers of OSB all around the reel. I think I used six #8-2” screws and four #10-1” screws, but just be careful that whatever you use doesn’t poke through the bottom OSB sheet. 10 screws may be overboard, but that’s kind of my M.O… anyway, this mod gives you an extra inch of cranking room between your hand and the ground or wall to avoid those knuckle scrapes.Issue #3 – The reel carrying handle is shaped like an upside down U and so when you’re carrying a heavy loaded reel, the points of the U uncomfortably dig into your hand. Solution – Another piece of ¾” I.D. PVC pipe cut to about 5” long; this piece fits really well inside the upside down U and then can be duct-taped into place. Now instead of holding two flat edges, you’ve got a nice rounded bottom to your carrying handle.Thanks again to the other reviewers for taking the time previously in their reviews to point out these issues and suggest some solutions. Because of them, I was able to go forward with these mods before first time use so that I didn’t have to learn the hard way with the annoyance of pinched skin, scraped knuckles, and pressured hands.

  2. David Reese

    the 100 Ft 12 Gauge roughly .40 inches thick fit on the reel with a short adapter for more than one plug, and still had additional room. I currently have PVC pipe inserted in both handles as described in other reviews. I still need to add legs to the base for stability when rolling each cord out and in. The 10 Ga. did not all fit on the roller though it is thicker at between 1/2 and 5/8 inches thick. 80 feet fit on the roll with an additional 20 Ft excess that would not fit in the gap at the lowest portion of the handle, and my fingers barely fit at the higher carry handle, with no gloves. As can be seen the extra 20 Ft did fit coiled at the bottom. Even the thick cable fit two lengths in the center section allowing 20 inches to plug in and a short multiple outlet extension could be slid looped at the handle (not shown) so that your hand could still pick up the reel. Functional, and as others have said the best I could find for the longer, heavier cords at this price.

  3. Richard D.

    Overall good product but there are a few short comings when using it for a heavier wire like myself (100ft 12/3). First off this was made to be really small and compact so when you are dealing with over 13 pounds of cord there will be some challenges but for the small pack size I think they are worth it.Pros: The small size is great and it really does hold all 100 feet of a 12/3 cord if you pay some attention to how you wind it. It comes with hanging hooks so you can attach it to a wall to help utilize space even more. Seems durable enough to stand up to the cable but only time will tell. Price was not bad at all.Cons: Starting with the handle at the top, it is hollow on the inside so when carrying a heavy cord you do get the two sides “cutting” into your hand which is uncomfortable. Short distances would not be bad but lugging it to and from my shed you definitely notice. Then they added a feature where the handle can fold flat when not in use to give it an even smaller profile. the problem is when winding up heavy cord it will fold and will pinch your fingers or hit your knuckles on the ground. Thirdly the unit is very short both height wise and length which is the whole point of it being compact but your knuckles move dangerously close the the ground while winding and such a light unit trying to pull in such a long cord it will fall over and shift all around while reeling in.The Mods: Here is where the mods come in. For the handle I measured out a small piece of wood to fit into the handle and taped it into place with some strong ducting tape giving it a much better handle. Then I super glued the handle in the out position so it will not try and fold in during use. I have not done this last step yet but I plan on getting some small thin boards maybe two feet long that can attach to the bottom while reeling in or out so I don’t have to worry about the unit tipping or banging my knuckles. Will update my review with future usage. Let me know if you had any questions and if this was helpful.

  4. Norman Schneider

    Best Large Capacity Hand Crank Reel Available
    Excellent reel, especially when combined with Amazon’s 12/3 100 foot cable. I use this to supply power to my exterior garden tools — B&D edger and Toro blower. Good solid construction with convenient handle for the price. While other reels supporting large cord length capacities may be priced lower, this model is now my go-to for it design and construction. Worth the money.Other typical comparable models require you to completely remove the cord to plug into the wall socket. This design permits storing about 5 feet of excess cord within the internal spool to plug into the wall socket. Much more convenient. Just be sure to unplug and tuck in the cord prior to winding/unwinding.Rated this model at 4 out of 5 stars — but would give it 4.5 if Amazon would permit it. Only have two very minor complaints for product improvement (version 2?) to bring my rating to a solid 5 out of 5.1: Foldable handle tends to try and fold back into itself during rewinding operation — a minor annoyance that I can live with. (Thought of using epoxy on the hinge to ensure it does not fold, but that might interfere with winding operation.)2: Handle grip could be slightly a bit more solid. (I was thinking about filling the voids of the mold of the handle with epoxy or other material to improve on the ergonomic grip.)Despite these very minor design issue, I consider this reel to be the best model on the market without spending hundreds on an commercial or industrial design. Have looked at many available on the market, and this model offers the best features and value for the money.Finally, this reel comes completely assembled. It has four tabs built into the frame for hanging/storage using special clips. Reel also comes with two clips for this purpose (store on wall). A product insert within box allows you to purchase more clips (about $5 each) direct from manufacturer, allowing you to store this in different locations. Nice option.

  5. Mirri

    Poor handle – NOT sturdy
    Given all the reviews that called this thing sturdy, I decided to pay the steep price – thing costs more than the actual extension cord I’m winding on to it.There is a very nice design feature where the plug can be recessed inside the spool. This really improves the ability to roll the cord on.Two flaws:1 – The information states it can store cords of up to 150′. My cord is 100′ and barely fits …so I don’t see how this would be possible.2 – The handle is very flimsy. I’m guessing it’s folding design was created to allow the handle to be tucked away. However it keeps trying to fold back in as I’m winding the cord. Given that it is a plastic part with a plastic hinge, I don’t feel that it will last very long.I’m a bit disappointed with the price and all of the claims that this is a very sturdy product. I would say it’s quality matches the cheaper cord spoolers that I’ve used in the past.

  6. gingertech

    and it holds it with some to spare One really neat feature that i REALLY LIKE is that before you start winding
    It’s all plastic, so it is very light, but still feels durable. I have a 100 foot 12/3 cable, and it holds it with some to spare One really neat feature that i REALLY LIKE is that before you start winding,you can stow 4 to 6 feet of cable inside the center tube of the reel. Then when you wind or unwind the cable you haven’t got a few feet of cable flailing around and trying to inflict wounds on you, or getting tangled in with the main reel. What a cool idea! Then wnen you hve spooled out as much cable as you need, you simply reach inside one end of the center tube, and pull out the length you stored in there and plug it in – GENIUS! Why all cord reels are not made like this is something I don’t understand. I would give it 5+ stars if I could. The difference in price from the junky one I returned (this one was $10 more) was more than worth it.

  7. Xavier A.

    La mejor forma de almacenar una extension de 30m
    Excelente para almacenar una extension de gran longitud y sin batallar para enrollarla como debe hacerse (evitando que se vaya trenzando internamente el cable). Dos cosas me incomodan unicamente: la agarradera para cargar el rollo de cable, no tiene un acabado ergonomico y si el cable es pesado lastima los dedos. El 2o problema es que la manivela, que se puede ocultar, pierde su posicion mientras se esta enrrollando el cable… otros sistemas como los de Kärcher para enrollar las mangueras, tienen un seguro para evitar que suceda eso.

  8. Tom Cho

    Light weight but feels sturdy
    I bought this cord reel for my father because he “wears out” extension cord coiling them by hand and the twist/loops put stress on the wires. It seems to be made similar to garden hose reels and those seem to put up with more abuse than the 20$ cord reels sold at hardware stores. It would get a five star rating if the design included some method to secure the pig tail portion of the cord as it exits the side. I had to reel it with a fairly long pig tail as some of the outdoor receptacles are 2m from a convenient place to put the reel. While winding and unwinding, the pig tail gets twisted and coiled and a reel with built in plugs would not work for him as it would require another extension cord to plug in the reel.Other than that it looks to be a good product and will likely be durable.

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